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My life is a vast plane littered with glowing invisible Leprechauns , eight-shot ballistas, endless hordes of faceless scrawny rusty knife wielding Gobbos in wicker armour, the Rod of seven parts, 38 on line goth metal radio stations, spirits that poke at me while I sleep , troglodytes, vampires, and mithril broadswords of frost; all set in a neo-post-industrial steam powered castle with teleportals and rope winch pulley basket systems and weapon racks in every room. There I am an undercover half fairy sorcerer / ninja carrying a vorpal dagger which drips with purple Yin poison while riding a flying slug into a roman coliseum to battle a Dire Penguin controlled by a Ghost Emperor, which is actually a time traveling nanobot , battling for domination over a fictional kingdom that exists only in my mind and the minds of those who I can convince that this is just as real as the mouse you are holding.

The only difference being density of wavelength.