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2 July, 2009

by The Wandering Wastrel


Im in the forest city, London Ontario. Living in a hotel. For the last 16 days my world has been small copper clips. I am known as Clips Wez.
Here is my day.
6: 20 wake up, get gear on, get in car, and go to café to pick up an apple juice and a donut.
7: 00 climb the stairs up the 200-foot scaffold that goes up the side of the steeple.
Load myself up with my tools and copper straps.
Climb the ladders up the 100-foot steeple tower.
Cut little copper clips that will hold the copper panels onto the side of the steeple.
Using a power drill, screw the little clips on.
2:00 go down for half an hour lunch and take a big long piss. I got sick of pissing into bottles. Im a grown up I should not have to do such things.
2:30 back up the steeple to resume being Clips Wez.
6:00 Piss into bottle and put it into bag with the other piss bottles of the day. Say to self “that’s the last time Im gunna do that, Im definitely climbing down next time.”
8:30 Climb down and tell the guys that the yellow liquid in the PowerAde bottles is NOT PowerAde and should not be treated as such
Go back to hotel and Diner.
10: 00 All showered and fed and feeling great.
Plug in and write letters.
11:00 get drinks from machine in hall.
1 am. BLACK OUT.
6 20 am, wake up, get gear on, get in car….
2 clips each side per 6 inches. 8 sides on the steeple. Steeple is 110 feet high.
2 clips x 6 inches into 110 feet x 8 .
4 screws per clip.
How many clips ?
How many screws?
When you are Clips Wez you cannot do maths.

Time went past…

Today I finished the entire steeple in clips!
I think I have put on more copper clips than anyone on earth.
I am a clips putting on master.
I am The Steeple King.
I am Clips Wez.
Tomorrow I am Panels hammering Wez.
A few years ago I didn’t know where I was or who I was or what I was doing.
All I know now is that I am The Steeple King and what ever I am doing will involve climbing stairs and ladders and sitting on a steeple.

And that is enough of an improvement for me.

3 replies to Clips Wez.

  1. Uh… I got 3520 clips, and just over 14 thousand screws.

    That is a lot of screws dude.
    Even for you.

    1. HAHA yeah. I was on that job for almost 3 months of 10 hour days. with one or two days off every 10 days or so. Made LOTS of money… I think its still around here somewhere… oh wait …

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