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29 May, 2009

by The Wandering Wastrel




Wisdoms from a reformed Womanising Wastrel.

First you must establish if the girl you are going after is trying to survive as a being or if she is trying to succumb. All beings are doing one of either. Is this girl going up or down? Is she trying to do herself in and do in those around her with drugs, ill health, lies, deceit and mistrust? Or is she a loving being of light who is trying to get along and help those on her way?
If she is trying to succumb there is nothing easier to get in the sack, as she will be promiscuous offering up her quim to all and any …. Just supply her the smokes, booze and drugs she wants to help her on her way and point out to her how all your past relationships failed and how you never feel any good, your always broke and how you are rapidly going down hill, she will think she will have found her soul mate. Then you can enter a filthy relationship based on poison, promiscuity and evil and both rapidly go down the chute out of the sight of men. There are girls out there that look beautiful but are actually handmaidens of pestilence. Don’t all ways just go for a girl because she is stunning. Really do some research … is she an evil, poisonous, witching suicide girl? Or is she a goddess of love and light?

So if you are on the way out just take my advice on how to get a Suicide girl and off you go … but if you are doing a bit better yourself and want some thing more …read on.

Work on your self.
This may seem cliché yet it is important. A girl who is doing well wants a guy who can protect, provide and care for her no matter how independent she may seem. She will want to form a cohesive survival unit; her and some great guy against the world… are you that guy? Good looks and charm may get you in the door but it is ability and strength that will keep you in the house.
So in the first few conversations talk about your self a bit (not to the degree of looking like a complete weasel but enough) let her know that you are doing well and heading up. You have money, goals and prospects for the future, you are healthy fit and strong, you have heaps of friends and are well liked and respected (now don’t seem like a boasting idiot but just work it all into the conversation. When she asks “So what do you do?” you want to answer “Survive very well”) Then tell her some stories in a quasi modest fashion about how you saved the day a few times and came through for some friends in a “Knight in shining amour” type way.
Also listen to her don’t just stare at her tits and wait for your turn to speak.

If you are not in the above position already then first work on your self to get yourself in such a position of stability in your personal life. It is when you your self are “sorted” that you can move on the stepping-stone of delightful damsels.

So initiate conversation on a good point of reality and build up the friendship but be careful about not falling in to the “Zone of the friend” this can work against you yet it can be remedied with a night of hard drinking and a bit of “Oh no …look what feelings were always lurking within, just ready to boil over the pot of our platonic camaraderie.

Make sure your appearance fits with her acceptable level of acceptance.
No good going after a lovely dreadlocked hippie girl in a business suit or a logger outfit.
It helps if you actually belong to the same subculture (especially if you have a penchant for goth girls oh those lovely dark delightful temptresses, taste the sweet bitter black nectar…)

If you are some ultra mainstream middle class guy and are going after some super underground militant warrior princess fighting the system …good luck.

Be of good appearance …this should be self-explanatory … unless you are in Australia going after a girl from a particular sub culture called – Feral this applies to you.
Girls like a guy who dresses well and can take care of himself, be clean and well groomed.

In all my experience which dear reader is both much and varied I can say that these do play a part in the mating game.
And the following are ways you can increase your pheromone level to powerful heights.
Don’t use anything scented on your body. This means no cologne, or scented soaps. Don’t use clothes that smell like washing powder or pungent detergents.
These things block your body’s natural odors. You don’t want to stink, but smelling like a “guy” will work for you.

Don’t jerk off. Just hold it all in and feel your power grow. This increases your level of testosterone and thus pheromones. You will find many other powerful mental changes taking place, one of them being increased empathy and psychic abilities and you will need all the power you can get. To help you stay strong here are some pointers as doing this can be har…er …difficult to say the least.
Don’t have the shower to warm.
Go to bed only when you are so tired you are falling asleep already.
As soon as you wake up jump out of bed.
Do a huge porno sweep of your environment and don’t indulge in any porn what so ever. I feel porn heavily works against you when trying to attain a level of “your name here” is a legend he has no trouble with women he can get any girl he likes. He never seems to be without a girl friend, he has magic powers.” I, my friend have attained this title and you can to with study and diligence.

Theses are the manifestations that I found occurring.

Day 3 …your first bit of testing has begun, stay true to the points above.

Day 5… you should find that you have a bit more energy now and may require only five or six hours of sleep.
Day 10 … a general intensification of emotion will be felt. You may get angry easier or upset easier but also when you are having a great time with friends or listening to music it will feel wonderful.

A friend who was doing this thing once called me up after being at my house playing cards and asked me if he had hurt my feelings or insulted me during the game… I said ” no” and then I realized he was on day 15 on this thing…oh how we laughed.


Between day ten and day 25 you may be assaulted with huge sexual fantasies from your mind. Massive vivid pictoramas of past sexual experiences. These can last for a while and give you a raging hard on which you will have to hide some how… but don’t indulge theses fantasies. I think it is just part of the mind collapsing under the onslaught of your iron will. These assaults must be ridden out the same way you must ride out the “waking up in the middle of the night with a massive hard on and there is only one way to get back to sleep phase”. Be strong …ride a wave of pure energy… prevail … you are the boss of your body and your mind. You are the aware of awareness energy creation unit running the show!

Day 15… more intense deepening of the emotional vortex …the world seems in sharper focus…

Day 20… the first of your powers kick in. You will find that you will feel a powerful glow or a warmth and strength from your belly button area. It seems to provide you with lots of energy. Also women will start noticing that there is “something about that smiling guy sitting next to me”
I would put this down to the power being emanated from you.

Day 25 … you have sudden amazing perceptive abilities when it comes to women you can kind of tell what they are feeling. Also you may be able to tell if how fertile or horny they are you will smell odors that were previously below your awareness level. You can tell if a girl has her period through these smells too her breath takes on a different and noticeable flavor. Lean in on girls as they pass you in the street. Hone your powers.

Generally an all round increase of powers will be felt but this one I found very noticeable. Revel in your new power but use it only for good.

Day 30 … you are approaching a month you should now feel no need to beat off at all and may even feel a slight superiority towards your fellows. Oh how they look so tired …
Guide them in to the light and ignore the cries of the unbeliever and the weak of will.

From day 30 on the powers intensify the visions lessen and the focus grows sharper.
You will also hopefully be well on your way to procuring a wonderful girl to share your days with.

There are more and wonderful powers that manifest at days 30 through to 70 but these are the secrets of the inner chamber and one must embark on this journey to receive these gifts. Then when you have earned these powers you can talk in hushed tones to your fellow path followers about these secret disciplines. We need no imposters reading this and pretending to be one of us while indulging on a secret spank fest.

Be warned. When you finally blow a massive eye bulging sheet grabbing load (in the presence of your new woman and not in a moment of weakness hopefully) it will be quite a shock.

When I finally did come, on the great day 96 (by then I saw myself as a golden god of pure power) having attained the rank of Holder of the sacred candle and illuminator of the secrets of the inner sanctum, granted to me by Great master bodhisattva Chris of the rank of eighteen month big draw internalization guru… the orgasm was so intense that I came for about 20 seconds which felt as though a fire hose of lightning was blasting through me and then blacked out completely for a good minute before being roused by my frightened girl.

The orgasm was unlike anything I had ever experienced before in the world of sexual pleasure.

You must warn the young lady as to what you have been doing as the results are very voluminous and messy and could choke, drown or blind the poor girl if used without caution.
Somehow I have gone off track … yet I feel the above is one of the most important aspects…
Wez the reformed womanizer. Holder of the sacred candle and illuminator of the secrets of the inner sanctum
Here is a letter I wrote to a friend who asked me two questions after reading an essay of mine yet if you read it you may share my opinion that it is indeed one of my masterwerkz….
Dear Oberon,
I was just thinking how  we are very similar when it comes to Women …just on different ends of the scale …  My opinion is that you take what I believe to be the path of light …you pull chicks by being super nice and cuddly… being Uber nice to the point where they soon find them selves in a zone where they cannot resist being wrapped up in your strong arms and held tight within the Zone of truth and compassion…this approach has these foxy intellectual pseudeo hippy girls (as is your penchant) frothing at the gash for you and falling over them selves in love with you …you travel about leaving a trail of broken hearts in your wake and the post grunge womanizing wastrel within me has the highest respect for that.

As my penchant was for the darkened darlings of the night a different approach had to be hazarded if i was to have get of these lovely mistresses of the night to a point where they would basiclay be trying to crack thier pelvises open trying to get me to plant me demon seed within thier chemically barren womb…I had to walk the dark path. Using the tools that I discovered and detailed in the Essay “Destroying Minds and Reaping souls” as well as always staying by Golden equation …If X is greater than or equal Q. then embrace the young damsel within my dark fold. Where Q equals her present and future happiness, comfort and survival potential within the life she presently dwells and X equals the greatness of the new life I could show her if she takes my hand and steps off with me into the swirling darkness.
The Golden equation is your protective circle from the devils and demons that lurk along the dark path…
Few are those who travel the dark path safely…many are those in the abyss to the sides of it.
The dark path has its perils which any who travel it may fall to no matter their care…. which I detailed in this short essay written 7 months ago … titled.

“Feebly attempting to foster the burning flame of love within the glacial caverns of evil frost maidens, But finding it much to cold and being reduced to futilely blowing on embers in the dark watching the last of the rosy red … fade to black.”

I am in a horribly romantic frame of mind and this is how I feel about ” love ” now that I have delved into the frigid wastes of the last two girls … and how I feel after everything comes crashing down usually get expressed like this…
Its Friday night and Im at home at the key board instead of out on the town crashing my ship of enthusiasm for life upon the rocky hearts of cold indifferent ice queens, which has been my latest penchant.
Within each of my last two “relationships ” I have attempted to foster the burning flame of love within the glacial caverns of these frost maidens. Yet it has been much to cold and this intrepid hero has been reduced to futilely blowing on embers in the dark watching the last of the rosy red … fade to black.
But as I leave the cave, this adventurer bends his head to the wind and forges ahead through dangers untold for he can feel inside the burning maelstrom of molten love within him that far off …on a mountain made of glass in a tower made of iron is a princess… waiting for her stalwart prince to take her away from the shadows and show her the magic that glows within everyone and everything. Forward through life they will travel searching out adventure … and excitement growing strong together where all shadows of doubt and sadness are banished from their hearts entirely by the mutually supportive relationship they have created full of trust, communication and friendship.
The princess is more of a dream / concept than anything. I may mostly dwell in a fantasy world but I do realize that most great relationships start by fancying the look of someone and then getting pissed together followed by drinking far to much coffee and talking till 4 am then crawling into bed with each other and more exited talking followed by … a desperate effort to control yourself, and pitifully failing despite all promises of good behavior and gentlemanly/womanly conduct. Am I right or Am I right or am I right?…. well Im right in my experience anyway.
Well now I have found my princess funnily enough and she resides “on a mountain made of glass in a tower made of iron”
Oberion said: I shall contemplate your version of sexcess, however I must say it doesn’t make any sense to me just yet why selflove must take away one’s powers. Perhaps, it might take away one’s resolve, though.

He is refering to the Essay I wrote “Desroying Minds and Reaping Souls, Or how to create a loving relationship based on trust and full of love”

I said to him – ” Contemplate all you like; yet it is action not contemplation that brings results in the physical universe. Thought is instantaneous. It takes no time to make a decision at all. It may take time to gather data yet action is immediate.
The reason that it does not make sense to you is that you are only in the realm of “contemplating” it. In order to actual see what happens the action must be taken.

I promise you, you will love your self more by loving yourself in this way and letting the powers grow.
What happens is that you tell your body that you are the god damn boss and it will do what you tell it, instead of being a beat off slaved out spunk junkie to its throbbing biological urges.
Testosterone and Pheromone levels will increase. As your body starts going mad…

So it’s all about attaining the secrets of the inner sanctum… Sure people may laugh…. but you will remain strong within your TOWER OF IRON WILL.
Oh how tired they look.

I have noticed also if you are in a group of guys and all of you are talking to one Goddess like earthmaiden and all the guys there are making a play, you often don’t even have to say a word when you are on the path of the inner sanctum…you could just be in the room for the whole party…Mysteriously staring out the Window all night as the other empty bagged dudes try to Make their plays…Your powerful scent permeates the room…The Genetic Entity animating and mobilizing the cells of her body recognize your powerful all encompassing signals…
As she ushers all the suitors and partiers out at 2 you can say to her in a subdued but friendly tone…”Ill knock quietly on the door at 3 am….” and then fade off into the darkness from whence you came…
When you return she is there in a bath robe eating a peach …she has the out door hippy bath ready and hot, adorned with bubbles and tea lights… she smiles as you enter and gives you a juicy peachy kiss … you wind up in the bath, gently soaping her firm round 17 year old melons… She leads you to her recycled timber bed in her incense misted boudoir and you pound the night away, again and again disappearing into the snug void of her frighteningly hairy box while her long ribbon and bead festooned dreads bounce happily about her smooth brown back like a curtain of love from a bygone age. She cries in delight as you unleash the demon again and again … Lightning blasts of energy coursing through your body, the bed nearly rising from the floor and spinning about from the sheer intensity of your passionate union.
Finally as the sun rises and the Tui (Tuis are usually the first bird to sing at the break of day – they have a wide range of notes, including whistles, resonant bell-like tones, croaks, coughs and squeaks. The orthinologist Guthrie-Smith maintains that ” much of the Tui’s song we cannot hear, the notes too high, I suppose, for your human years, for I have often watched the bird’s throat from but a few yards swelling with song entirely inaudible.”
Tuis sing with such gusto, they sing as if their song has no end – life is bountiful and beautiful. ) Begins its morning melodies you collapse…shivering, and amid tears of bliss, into the arms of your partner.
Her faith in drifterkind restored.
Her inner girl parts twitching tweaking from traveling through the wall so many times. (The wall of “No! No! Don’t touch me there…its too tickly now …No its too sensitive…mmmm…ohhh…ohhhhOHH GOD etc…).
She holds you close and gently strokes your sweaty brow, Her earthwoman scent penetrating your senses and soothing you into a dark womb like slumber.
When you awake you search the house for your underpants, which are nowhere to be found.
You spend the rest of the day holding hands while drinking organic green tea and leaning about each other…

Congratulations … You are on your way to creating a sane stable relationship based on trust and full of love.