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11 September, 2009

by The Wandering Wastrel


When I was 9 I was watching THE SNORKS which is a crazy cartoon about this insane underwater civilization

The Snorks have snorkels on their heads, which are used to propel them swiftly through the water. When a Snork becomes excited his tube makes a “snork” sound. You may remember it.

Any way – one particular episode had the snorks watching on their TV – a show about people living above the sea on the land.

I thought what if my friend actually is a snork and perceives reality as a snork does and right now he think hes in his snork house watching a show about Above ground people who are in their above ground non under sea house watching a show about undersea people….

I asked him…

“Hey – are you a snork?” he said ” No- what are you talking about?”

I said ” Is this air around you actually water and are you under the sea?”

He said ” No – Im at your house. Are you mental or something?”

Then it hit me.

If he actually was a snork and I couldn’t see it of course he would interpret the conversation thus.

“Hey – are you a Human?” he then would say ” No- what are you talking about?”

I said ” Is this water around you actually air and are you on the land?”

He would say ” No – Im at your under sea shell house. Are you mental or something?”

And me living in my talking Monkey reality would of course only hear the words that would fit this reality.

I almost went Mad right then as I tried to figure out a combination of words or phrases that would pierce through the wall.

SO. This brings me to the next point.

There is NO WAY I was ever going to find out barring some kind of Matrixeske Matter energy space and Time MELT.

Sometimes though… I think I see glimpses…

1 replies to Are you a Snork ?

  1. OK Wez, here you go.

    We do not live in an underwater world, we live on a tiny speck in an incredible vastness, the true scope of which is so incredibly gargantuan, that it makes the idea of a single, all powerful creative force a slightly wistful, but mostly arrogant joke.

    It also makes it less like hubris when I say “This Galaxy is ours to do with as we will”.

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