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11 June, 2009

by The Wandering Wastrel

I go off to work with Steevo the Deevo and Jeff the Retired stripper (Jeff has gone evil and embraced the darkside from hanging out with Steevo too much), and they put me over the other side of the worksite so they can talk about how much of a bastard the boss is and steal diesel from the Truckers worksite tank, with out me saying things like ” I personally feel that stealing is a bad thing and I don’t think you should be doing it”. They have stolen Diesel twice now , after the first time I told the owner to lock his tank but he didn’t. I told Steve not to do it the first time and the second time he did it he sent me way down the other end of the site to get stuff , but I spyed and saw him ripping the diesel again. They hate the boss too cause he is “ripping them off” (by providing them with good work) so they “have to get their money back some how” so they “fix” the hours by altering them by up to one or one and a half hours per day, in the work book , Steve puts the hours in at the end of the day and they are not the real hours we work. I sneak back in and change MY hours back to what they are supposed to be and my receipt at the end of the week will reflect this. Soon the discrepancy will noticed ( and the fact that my receipt will be different than theirs although Im working at the same place) .I will hopefully get called in to the boss’s office for one of our “special meetings”. I don’t want to say anything right now as I have to work with them 10-12 hours a day , way out in the wilderness. They see this stuff as nothing, Steevo being a criminal and all and I don’t like the picture of what would happen if they found out that I was ratting them out. They both have kids and wives they are supporting so I will feel pretty bad if they get fired. I have mentioned at length my dissatisfaction with their crooked ways yet they either ignore me and laugh it off or do this stuff behind my back…but I am too aware and nothing gets by the WEZ! So I have started to document the stealing
and keeping the proper hours (once on the way back from out site they went into another guys worksite andstole a hockey net and then didn’t stop for the security guard as he took the license plate down. I am thinking that on Tuesday I will have a little meeting with the boss. The fact that they call me “toes” (cause im so far up the boss’s ass that’s all you can see of me! Ahhahaa! Big joke ) does nothing to help their sorry plight. Tuesday is the day I get to take off to London in Ontario to work on a big spire with good social guys so I can freely disclose my spying operation with out fear of retribution from these guys. The boss is a really good guy who has worked hard for his money and takes care of the good dudes (like me with my free shed, heat , hot water, Internet, good pay, deal) so Its even worse.