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8 June, 2009

by The Wandering Wastrel

I sleep on a carpet-covered bench in a shed in the middle of a snow blasted wilderness.
My name is Wez.
I am the Coppersmith Cowboy.

Well today I worked copper until blood ran down my hands and off my elbows, and I didn’t even notice, so intent was I on my task. I worked for thirteen hours in all and built two copper side jutting out mini roofs (Im sure they have a proper name written down in a book some where but does not a copper side jutting out mini roof by any other name protects the house from the rain just as well).
Having told the boss that I was a professional and convinced the rest of the crew and nearly myself that I actually knew what I was doing, it was time to produce the goods.
I stood on the scaffold after the crew had dropped me off at the Mansion, and I just stared at the huge job ahead of me …and drew a blank…I had the copper and the tools …there was the job… I suddenly knew nothing … my bravado blown away by the frigid wind searing off the frozen tundra and the grim meat hook realities of what will happen to me if I don’t make these roofs like I claimed I could.
I stood there until the terror of getting canned overwhelmed my inability to create the copper work required and forced me to pick up my snips.
Hundreds of images of past jobs assaulted me and within that jigsaw puzzle like kaleidoscope I gleaned enough information to bash a roof into existence
And thus as the last rays of the winter sun faded away I folded the last edge of the roof over, completing the job…the fading light catching the metal and emblazing it with a bright orange glow … There was The job …done. I stood tall and proud …I had made … two copper side jutting out mini roofs.
The team arrived back to pick me up at dark and cry of astonishment were heard when they boss said “Shit you did a good job of that one … tomorrow you can do the other one.” and I said …”Oh …I thought I had to do that one too …so I did.”…Thus securing my place firmly within the Legendary Ranks of The Cowboy Coppersmiths.
Now they will pile on a workload that will crush me …